About us

Sebacom OÜ main activity is the sale of metal materials and systems, offering also transport and stocking. We have been operating in the field of metal sales since 2012 and our team has more than 20 years of experience. Reliable suppliers and a customer-based approach ensure the correct and agreed delivery of the desired material.

Mission - to provide high-quality metal materials, special solutions and provide on-site technical support.

Vision - to be the most reliable and preferred supplier of metal materials in Estonia and neighboring countries. Our goal is to be fastest growing providers of metal products in Estonia.

Sebacom OÜ main products:

Jakob ope Sustems: Webnet, wire ropes, fittings, safety barriers, frames
Aluminum sheets and profiles
Copper and brass products
Stainless, acid and heat resistant steels
Metal meshes: perforated sheets, welded mesh, stretched and braided nets
Progress ECO architectural solutions: facade meshes and profile gratings

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We are open to cooperation offers related to the field.

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