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Bronze is an alloy of copper and ti n as well as other minerals

The content of copper in bronze alloys amounts to 89-90%. The most commonly used bronze alloys are as follow: tin-bronze, aluminium-bronze, beryllium-bronze, silicon-bronze and lead-bronze. The name of bronze alloys reflect its composition. Bronze alloys are divided into two groups bronze plastic treatment alloy and bronze casting alloy. Bronze plastic treatment alloy is characterized by high strength, resistance to corrosion and abrasion. In order to obtain better plastic properties of the alloys smaller amounts of alloying elements are used. Bronze casting alloy is generally a multi component material and contains of other minerals such as tin, zinc, aluminum, lead and phosphorus. Their structure is composed of grains. Bronze casting alloy is characterized by resistance to corrosion and abrasion as well as good castability and machinability. It is used for casting statues, various parts and components of applications close to bronze plastic treatment alloy.