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Copper belongs to a group of semi-precious and heavy metals

Its density is 8.96 kg/dm3 and a melting point is 1084.45°C. This soft and malleable metal is called ,,red metal’’ due to its characteristic red-orange color.
It is characterized by excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. It is a non-magnetic metal, which shows antibacterial properties. In contact with air a thin protective oxide layer covers copper quickly, which prevents further reaction. In case of its exposure to humid air copper forms a green layer called “patina”, which protects the metal from corrosion.
Due to its characteristics copper is a non-ferrous metal widely and preferably used in industry. As one of the few raw materials, copper may be subjected to multiple recycling process without losing its properties.


Due to its electrical and thermal properties, copper is widely used in electrical engendering electronics and telecommunications. It is used also for production of electrical switchboards, refrigerating and air conditioning devices, a water supply as well as an energy absorber in solar collectors.
Due to its high resistance to weathering, durability and aesthetic values, phosphoric copper is eagerly used for covering and roofing accessories.